Facial profile surgery

Our face is the part of our body that physically most defines us in order to be recognised and to help us communicate and interact with others. The structure of our face is what determines our particular appearance and no-one else’s. When one of the elements is not in proportion, it can cause facial imbalance. Aesthetic and plastic surgery used for the facial area can alter the facial structure, using carefully designed bioinert implants to bring the cheekbones, nose, jawline and chin into a more harmonious balance.


A good candidate for this type of procedure is someone who simply wants to improve their appearance, not achieve perfection nor to look identical to somebody else.

Chin surgery (Mentoplasty, Genioplasty)

Inserting a synthetic implant takes approximately half an hour. However, in certain cases a patient’s own bone can be used to extend the chin, as long as their tooth alignment is suitable.  The implant is placed in a small cavity made by the surgeon underneath the muscles and membrane in the area. After the procedure, the chin is bandaged to reduce the risk of bruising and swelling and also to keep the implant in place. Some swelling and pain will be experienced in the beginning, especially during the first few days, along with a firm feeling of the skin or certain sensitivity in the area where the implant has been placed. Applying cold compresses for the first 48 hours can help. The stitches are removed a week after surgery but very often fall off naturally.

Cheek enhancement

Cheek implants are inserted through the mouth into the cheek under the facial muscles. This surgical technique takes approximately 1 hour, and recovery is generally rapid and with little discomfort.  Your smile adapts within a few days. Mouth rinses and cold compresses help reduce swelling and avoid infection. The stitches fall off naturally.

Jaw augmentation

The insertion of the implants directly onto the jaw, by means of a small incision in the mouth, takes an hour. Most of the swelling starts to reduce after a week or so but there may be some slight swelling that can take a few months to disappear completely. A liquid diet will be necessary during the first week and oral hygiene becomes more important than ever during this period.