What is Neural Therapy?

It is a therapy system, in other words, it is a comprehensive regulation therapy which uses neural-therapeutic substances (local anaesthesia) in specific areas of the organism in order to generate stimulus for healing mechanisms to work, causing the illness to disappear.

Diagnosis is based on a person’s life story which leads to being able to identify the connections between the events in their life (accidents, surgeries, scars, infections, dental problems, etc.) and their illness.

How does it work?

The average cell in the organism contains a voltage of 40-90 millivolts. Each stimulus reduces its potential: depolarisation. Cells usually restore it immediately: repolarisation. If irritating stimuli are frequent and strong, cells are unable to respond to them, therefore, the state of depolarisation becomes permanent and cells are weakened and ill. The activity of the sodium-potassium pump is altered in the cell membrane. As a result, cells are depolarised, irritated and may cause symptoms such as pain, asthma, allergies or any kind of illness in the organism. Local anaesthetics have a high voltage: approximately 290 millivolts. As they are injected in micro-doses directly in the depolarised irritated area, they can repolarise and balance the membrane potential. Thus, stabilising the vegetative nervous system as a healing mechanism for illness not to emerge.

Scientific basis

The basis for Neural Therapy started with research carried out by Russian physiologists Pavlov and Speransky. Doctors, surgeons and researchers such as Spiess, Head, Wischnewsky, Bikow, Leriche, Schleich and others, created the basis for therapy based on the nervous system. At a later stage, the Ferdinand and Walter Huneke brothers carried out research to systematise Neural Therapy itself. Neural Therapy understands that the whole being/person is ill, so the whole being/person needs to be treated. The vegetative nervous system is part of all the regulatory network of the organism. When there is any kind of irritation in the vegetative nervous system, the information is not transmitted correctly, and illness emerges.


Neural Therapy is indicated for any kind of condition. It is very effective for chronic and acute pain, asthma, migraines, hormonal alterations, limited joint movement, pain or swelling after any kind of surgery, when sometimes just one session may even be enough for the patient. Neural Therapy can be remarkably effective for anybody, and can even be used on infants and pregnant women.  However, deep injections must be avoided in people with coagulation disorders.

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