Radiofrequency (RF) aims to improve quality and consistency of the connective tissue in cellulitis, and to improve vascularisation in order to obtain a lipolysis effect (breakdown of lipids).

An optimal skin temperature is reached when applying RF on the body. The increasing local heat causes peripheral vasodilation that improves vascularisation on cellulitis. The local heat also destroys a great percentage of fat cells, which enhances skin quality.

During the treatment, patients may feel a warm sensation or mild discomfort that are usually alleviated after a few minutes.


The number of sessions required depends on each patient. However, 4-8 sessions are usually necessary. Monopolar RF is always carried out by a specialist. The technique is applied on the area to be treated three times during every session: firstly, in circles for a lipolysis effect; secondly, in the direction of Langer’s lines; and thirdly, in the direction parallel to gravitational traction lines.

This aesthetic treatment is quite flexible. Outcomes depend on the quality and intensity of sessions, and on the response of patient’s tissues. In order to obtain the best outcome possible, it is very important to carry out this treatment rigorously.


Silicon is a structural element for the skin, so applying organic silicon-based cream improves the ability of generating new elastic fibres to fight flaccidity that comes with cellulitis. Silicon is a metalloid that can be found in large quantities within nature, but it only has been considered as an important element for the human being recently. In fact, silicon is present in many body tissues: bones, muscles and the connective skin tissue. Silicon levels in the body decrease significantly with age. It plays an important role in the metabolism of glucosamines (essential substance of the skin), collagen fibres and elastic fibres.

What is interesting about silicon when treating cellulitis and fighting flaccidity is that it provides elasticity to the connective tissue. Organic silicon helps to reorganise the structure of the (skin) connective tissue: collagen and elastin fibres regain better function and dermal thickness is maintained. Ideal usage of cream or gel: appliance of organic silicon-based body cream at home and between RF sessions.