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Our main objective is the best possible outcome for the health and wellbeing of each and every one of our patients. We provide professional and honest advice, offering the most effective solutions and the very best level of care and attention.

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About us

Our team at IESTHETICS Estética Avanzada is made up of qualified specialists in Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine, Anti-ageing Medicine and Cosmetic Chemistry in order to offer a comprehensive Medical, Surgical and Cosmetic service to our clients. Our medical aesthetic treatment specialists carefully analyse your skin and suggest the most suitable and effective treatment for you.

Dr Funtané - Aesthetics Las Palmas

Dr. Eloi Funtané Vendrell

Specialist in Aesthetic Medicine and Personalised Cosmetic Treatment

Dr Santos - Plastic Surgeon Barcelona and Las Palmas

Dr. Jorge Elías Santos Jaramillo

Specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

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Cosmética personalizada iEsthetics

Skin Care

Personalised cosmetic treatment is undoubtedly one of the most long-awaited advances in beauty treatments. It is the ideal way to manage skin care.



“Anything left in your hands turns out simply amazing. You are an awesome team and I take my hat off to you”.

María del Carmen, Rhinoplasty (Nose reshaping)

“For me, the best thing was undoubtedly meeting the plastic surgeon. He absolutely cleared up all the doubts I had. I would recommend him 100%.”

Jennifer, Breast surgery

“I couldn’t have chosen to be in better hands than Dr. Santos. I would recommend him to anyone who asked. In addition, Ángeles was also a great help. Thank you all for looking after me so well”

MariTere, Breast augmentation